GRACE Program

GRACE, which stands for Guiding Recovery and Creating Empowerment, is a program that provides non-judgmental support and resources to women who need help with substance misuse during pregnancy. 

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Who can participate in GRACE?

The GRACE Program provides support for women in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas suffering from the following addictions during pregnancy:

  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

How can GRACE help?

  • A nurse and social worker support women through pregnancy up until one year after giving birth.
  • Women are provided with education on substance use and the safest treatment options during pregnancy.
  • The GRACE team will connect participants to resources in the community to aid in treatment and recovery.
  • GRACE helps women and their babies receive the best care possible.

What is the cost to participate?

  • The program is free of cost to participants and open to any pregnant woman in the Baton Rouge area, regardless of where she is receiving prenatal care.

Is participant information kept private?

  • All phone calls and appointments are private and confidential.
  • A participant’s private health information is protected by federal laws and regulations and cannot be shared without her permission.
  • Woman’s Hospital will not report drug use for patients enrolled and participating in the GRACE Program. Information regarding health history and treatment also will not be given as evidence for criminal drug charges.

GRACE Patient Privacy FAQs [pdf] »

How can I enroll myself or a loved one?

  • For more information on the GRACE Program, or to refer yourself or another woman in need, call 225-924-8574

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