Exercise is Medicine

When exercise is not one size fits all

Make movement your medicine. 

Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) program, an evidence-based approach to fitness that enables participants to manage symptoms of chronic illness or disease as well as improve overall personal health. The program, located at Woman’s Center for Wellness on Jefferson Highway, created by the American College of Sports Medicine, EIM is a global initiative to promote exercise as a standard in clinical care.

Woman’s EIM program provides a bite-sized, accessible approach to exercise with three levels to fit every person’s health needs. Individuals can sign up for the program on their own or through doctor referral.

Ideal for the following:

  • Post physical therapy
  • Injury recovery
  • Change in medical history
  • Clients who need supervised exercise by a medically trained specialist
  • One-on-one training and small group training
  • All ages and fitness levels


  • There is a $50 screening fee for new clients.
  • A doctor’s medical clearance may be required for participation

EIM Program Levels

    Starts with a 1:1 training session followed by 8 weeks of group training. Participants will meet 2x a week in groups of three to six. Exercise sessions will take place on the fitness floor and will be led by a certified trainer. This level includes full access to Woman’s Fitness.

    Four-week small group program that meets 2x a week. Participants can choose between the warm water pool or the fitness floor and will have more individualized programming and direction. Program may be repeated until participant is ready for Level 1.

    Personal training participants will be 1:1 with the most individualized programming in either the warm water pool or on the fitness floor.