You’re a New Parent

We’re sure you are feeling a ton of emotions right now - joy, nervousness, excitement. That’s all normal. Your baby is the center of your world.

Infant having doctor check up.

The Magic Hour and Beyond

Your baby is the center of your world, but there are some things you need immediately after delivery such as taking care of yourself and bonding with your newborn.

Family with newly delivered infant by C-section

An Amazing Adventure Awaits

With a new baby come a lot of extra things to take into account – from newborn care to safety and screenings. We provide evidence-based practices to new moms about infant feeding and maternal and infant bonding.

New family snuggle

Additional Interests

  • Mom and swaddled infant in hospital.

    Feeling Homey

    We’ve planned to make your hospital stay as special as your baby’s birth. We welcome you as the most important member of your baby’s care team and provide comforting amenities.

  • Infant having diaper changed

    Soothe and Comfort

    With your new “bundle of joy” comes the responsibility of caring for your baby. Feed and burp your baby, care for baby’s umbilical cord stump and change your baby’s diaper.

  • Infant sleep alone safely.

    Know the ABC’s of Safe Sleep

    What does a safe sleep environment for baby look like? Babies sleep safest: Alone. On their Back. In their Crib. You can share your room, but NOT your bed, even when you are traveling.