Geaux Smoke-Free

Smoking Cessation Program

According to the CDC, quitting smoking is a vital step in improving health outcomes and lowering the risk of developing smoke-related cancers. When you GEAUX smoke-free, you’re making a step towards a healthier life. Our Smoking Cessation Program* at Woman’s Center for Wellness is designed to support you throughout your quit journey and help you stay smoke-free for good.

When you join our program, you will receive:

  • A free 60-minute initial assessment to establish a quit plan.
  • 5 weekly check-ins with an MD Anderson smoking cessation facilitator.
    Check-ins are free and may be 1:1 or with a group (virtual or phone).
    * A physician referral is required for eligible participants.

To learn more information about the program or start your quit journey, please complete our interest form below or call:


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