Single-Family Rooms

At Woman’s, we believe in family-centered care. That’s why our 84-bed NICU is designed to focus on intensive care while encouraging family bonding.

The NICU includes:

  • 77 single-family rooms, seven of which can accommodate families with twins and one for triplets
  • Six other rooms designed for our longer-term infants with developmental needs

The single-family rooms allow our medical staff to focus on your baby’s specific needs, while providing you personal space to bond with your new baby. This private time as a family is essential to the healing process and is an important step towards taking baby home.

Woman’s Single-Family NICU Rooms

Woman’s Hospital neonatologist Dr. Steven Spedale discusses the single-family patient rooms inside Woman’s NICU and why they can better facilitate an infant’s growth and development.

A Healing Environment

Having a baby stay in the NICU can be difficult. We created our "under-the-sea" theme in the NICU to help reduce stress for both baby and family.

The starfish, fish, turtle, seahorse, dolphin and whale "pods" help parents easily navigate the large space and while creating a cheery but calming nursery-like environment.

nicu hallway