Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Having a baby is one of life’s most exciting events and Woman’s has everything you need to get ready for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth experience.

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Get ready to experience growth and change.

During pregnancy, a miracle is occurring right before your eyes. Woman’s pregnancy resources, checklists and classes can help you get ready for your upcoming bundle of joy with tips and suggestions to benefit your health and your future baby’s.

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You’re not just having a baby, you’re becoming a mom.

Your body’s changing, your baby’s growing, and you have a lot to learn during 40 weeks. Pregnancy is roughly divided into 3 stages known as trimesters of about 3 months each.

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    Maintain your wellbeing.

    Your health and fitness nurtures your growing baby and prepares you for labor, delivery and recovery. Safe and regular exercise can help with some common pregnancy discomforts.

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    Go into labor with confidence.

    Your baby will be the center of your world. We make you the center of ours. Learn about comfort measures, birth options, and types of deliveries. We are with you to meet your individual needs.

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    You know your body best.

    Pay attention to your body and talk to your healthcare provider about anything that doesn’t feel right. If you experience a symptom that seems unusual or is worrying you, don’t ignore it.