Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have improved greatly in recent years.

Woman’s Audiology offers the latest styles and technology in digital hearing aids from Oticon and Signia (Siemens). 

Many of these hearing aids are self-adjusting and allow for better programming and greater flexibility in fitting a clearer sound. Hearing aids come in many different styles that include in the ear (ITE), receiver in the canal (RIC), and behind the ear (BTE).

The latest features and technology include:

  • Bluetooth direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV
  • Remote options including mobile apps 
  • Wireless accessories to improve your listening and communication experiences 
  • Rechargeable hearing aids 
  • Tinnitus solutions 
  • Speech in noise management 
  • BICROS/CROS hearing aid for single-sided deafness 

Important Hearing Aid Information

    Hearing aids receive sound through an internal microphone that changes sound waves to electric signals. The amplifier increases the volume of the signals and sends the sound to the ear through a speaker. 

    No hearing aid can solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing, but aids can improve your listening ability and your quality of life.

    Oticon OPN and Xceed Play hearing aids are for children of all ages with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe-to-profound. They are powered by revolutionary technology that opens up your child’s world and gives access to more speech. With a 360 degree soundscape, your child will have better conditions to thrive and develop from formal and incidental learning.

    The hearing aids are fast enough to support the way the brain makes sense of sounds. It helps your child differentiate between meaningful sound and irrelevant disturbing sound, without reducing environmental sounds important to incidental learning. Better hearing provides better conditions for your child to develop language, learn, grow and take part in the world around them.

    • Oticon OPN and Xceed Play gives your child:
    • 360 degree access to speech
    • Outstanding clear and detailed sound
    • Prevention of annoying whistling sounds
    • Easy wireless connectivity to many devices


    All hearing aids have at least a 2 year warranty that covers loss, damage, and remake.  There is also a 45 day trial period on all hearing aids.

    When you are fitted with your hearing aid, our audiologists will show you how to troubleshoot problems and work with you on a regular basis to make any adjustments for best results. A fitting includes detailed instructions of the use and care of the hearing aid as well as testing to determine how well the hearing aid works for you.