Scheduled Induction

It is important to know that Woman’s only allows medically necessary inductions before 39 weeks.

There are many reasons why your doctor may decide you need a scheduled labor induction. It is important to know that Woman’s only allows medically necessary inductions before 39 weeks. We do not allow “elective” inductions before 39 weeks.

This decision is to protect the health of our newest and tiniest patients. Early elective deliveries may put the health of your newborn at risk and increase the likelihood of serious medical complications.

In 2007, Woman’s was one of the first hospitals in Louisiana to no longer allow early elective deliveries before 39 weeks. Since this strong stance, the number of critically ill newborns in our Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has reduced and our first-time C-section rates have declined.

Labor Options

Even though you did not go into labor on your own, you still have the same labor options as any woman delivering at Woman’s. Once your induction has begun, you will likely experience a normal vaginal delivery. However, keep in mind that every birth experience is different and there is a possibility your induction could result in a C-section.

Things to Remember

  • Please do not shave or wax your abdomen, thighs, or the area around your vagina for at least one week before your induction of labor.
  • Take a shower with an antibacterial soap such as Dial and wear freshly laundered clothes.
  • Remove all body piercings.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding what you may eat or drink before your scheduled labor induction.
  • Be sure to complete OB EXPRESS registration.
  • Please bring in a small tote bag containing comfort items for labor and delivery and the packet of information from your doctor that contains your prenatal history and consents.
  • Be sure you have the baby’s car seat properly installed.
  • TIP: Call Labor and Delivery at 225-924-8176 at least one hour before you leave home for the hospital to make sure your induction is on schedule. No need to wait at the hospital if the labor rooms are full when you can be waiting comfortably at home.