Your Best Defense Against Breast Cancer

A mammogram is an X-ray image of your breast. Mammograms can be used for screening or diagnostic purposes. Early detection of breast cancer often leads to better survival rates. Mammograms have been shown to reduce the chances of dying from breast cancer.

Woman’s encourages women over the age of 40 to receive a screening mammogram every year even if she has no signs or symptoms. Your doctor may recommend you have a mammogram before the age of 40 or order more frequent screenings if you are at a higher risk of breast cancer.

Why mammograms are done?

  • Mammograms are preformed to screen women to detect breast cancer early, when it is more likely to be cured.
  • They are also used to follow a woman who has had an abnormal mammogram.
  • Mammograms may be utilized in the evaluation of a woman who has symptoms of breast disease including a lump, nipple discharge, breast pain, dimpling of the skin, changes to the nipple or other findings.

The breast cancer team at Woman’s are experts in advanced tools such as 3D mammography to screen and diagnose breast abnormalities. A doctor and our Computer-Aided Detection System review each mammogram to ensure the highest accuracy possible. Our commitment to imaging accuracy is why more than 40,000 women turn to us for their mammograms each year.


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