What You Can Do to Prevent Cancer

You can lower your risk of getting many common kinds of cancer by making healthy choices and certain lifestyle changes. Screening tests can find some cancers early, when treatment works best. See your healthcare provider regularly.

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Preventive Self-care

We know it can be tough to put your health ahead of family and other responsibilities. But women can reduce the risk of cancer by being proactive, including these tips (Source: CDC):

Stay Active

Aim to get four or more hours of moderate exercise per week.

Get Enough Sleep

Most women need between seven and nine hours every night.

Limit Alcohol

Doctors recommend women limit themselves to one alcoholic drink per day.

Understand Medication Risks

In some cases, hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills can raise your risk. Ask your doctor about your medications.

Taking Hormones

Some forms of hormone replacement therapy (those that include both estrogen and progesterone) taken during menopause can raise risk for breast cancer when taken for more than five years.

Reproductive History

Having the first pregnancy after age 30, not breastfeeding, and never having a full-term pregnancy can raise breast cancer risk.

Exposure to Chemicals

Research suggests that other factors such as smoking and exposure to certain chemicals may increase breast cancer risk.

Health and Cancer Screenings

Discuss with your healthcare provider the preventative care recommendations for your age and life stage.

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    Be Breast Aware

    Notice how the breasts and nipples looks or feels. Signs and symptoms may not be due to cancer, but any breast changes or lumps you notice should be investigated as soon as it is discovered.

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    Care Begins With Communication

    It can be hard to talk about your body, especially when you feel like something isn’t right. Don’t ignore your symptoms out of embarrassment. Our gynecologic (GYN) specialists will help put you at ease.

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    Cancer Can Be Inherited

    Genetic counseling and testing reviews your personal and family history, helps determine cancer risk, and provide recommendations to reduce cancer risk and detect cancer earlier.

Nutrition. Fitness. Accountability.

Woman’s Center for Wellness offers a program that focuses on real food, personalized fitness, and expert coaching to help you reach your goals and achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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Exceptional Cancer Care

When it comes to breast and gynecologic cancer treatment, working together with the region's leading providers to deliver the best possible outcome is at the heart of everything we do. Because walking with women through every step of their cancer journey is what we do all day. Every day.