Postpartum Depression

1 out of 5 new mothers experience emotions beyond the baby blues known as postpartum depression (PPD).

PPD has been described by some as “the baby blues on a loudspeaker.” Feelings of sadness, guilt, fear and inadequacy as a mother can become overwhelming feelings.  Anxiety, restlessness and inability to sleep even when exhausted is common in postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression may start as early as the second or third day after birth or take several weeks to a year to develop.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

  • Feeling sad, angry, irritable
  • Lack of interest in the baby
  • Crying often
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed or hopeless
  • Unable to sleep or sleeping too much
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety

Postpartum depression is treatable. If you experience these symptoms or think you may be experiencing PPD, ask your doctor to talk to a Woman’s social worker about different treatment options.  

If you need immediate assistance:

  • Call your doctor
  • Go to the nearest hospital emergency department
  • Call The Phone (crisis line) at 225-924-3900
  • Do You Have Questions about PPD?

    What does it feel like to have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety? What are the signs or symptoms? What should you do if you have it?