Your Partner in Reproductive Health

From your first pap smear through pregnancy and menopause, we can help you maintain a balanced and healthy reproductive system throughout your life.

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Let’s Talk Personal

It can be hard to talk about your body, especially when you feel like something isn’t right. Don’t ignore your symptoms out of embarrassment. Pain may indicate a problem that can have a solution.

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What are you doing when leaks happen?

One in four U.S. women suffer from bladder leaks. If you have a problem with your bladder, that “gotta go” feeling or incontinence, know that it can be treated. Talk to your doctor who can help you get back to an active life.

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Additional Interests

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    Check Up, Down There.

    When you see your gynecologist, it is vital that you feel comfortable being entirely honest, even though some of these questions can be quite personal.

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    Get Tested, Use Protection.

    STIs cannot be transmitted through kissing, shaking hands, or sharing drinks. But infections can be transmitted through unprotected sex.

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    Is It Time for a Baby?

    There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to when someone decides to become a parent, but it’s a decision that should be thoughtfully considered.