When You Have a High-Risk Pregnancy...

You and your baby need extra attention. Our Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors work with your OB/GYN to provide the most advanced prenatal care and diagnosis so you can have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Physician at computer on telemedicine consultation.

Complex Pregnancies & High-Risk Obstetrical Care

Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine staff have specialized training and experience in the care of high-risk mothers and their babies. Woman’s provides you with direct access to advanced care, counseling and diagnostic services.

Physician checking pregnant belly.

Special Accommodations

We strive to provide a home-like atmosphere for High-Risk Antepartum and Postpartum hospital stays, offering the highest level of specialized care in a family-friendly environment.

Interior patient room for high-risk pregnancies.

Additional Interests

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    Are you having multiples?

    Woman’s has the best specialists in the region for your multiples pregnancy journey and birth will be in exceptional hands.

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    During Pregnancy & After Delivery

    Pay attention to your body and talk to your healthcare provider about anything that doesn’t feel right, seems unusual or is worrying you.

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    Around-the-Clock Monitoring

    When your baby needs specialized medical care after birth, Woman’s is here, providing quality care for the smallest and sickest babies.