Metabolic Testing

How many calories does your body burn each day?

About Metabolism

Our metabolism is the engine in which our bodies convert food to fuel. It’s the way our bodies burn calories and how our bodies gain or lose weight. Many factors affect our metabolism such as age, resting metabolic rate (RMR), genetics, weight, body composition and hormones. Our resting metabolic rate defines the calorie value required by our body to function at rest and makes up 70 percent of our metabolism. Factors that affect our RMR include sleep, nutrition habits, activity level, stress, inflammation and body composition.

When you know your individual RMR, the estimation of energy balance for your needs becomes a clear picture. You will have answers to questions such as “What are my caloric needs?” and “What caloric ranges will promote weight loss, maintenance or gain for my specific needs?”

It’s equally important to make changes to factors such as sleep, stress and body composition. Incorporating strength training into your routine will promote the growth of muscle mass. Finding ways to deal with stressors in your life and tackle sleep issues will make significant increases in your metabolic rate.

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    About the Test

    The MedGem handheld indirect calorimeter is used to measure your resting metabolic rate by analyzing the amount of oxygen you consume. You will be asked to hold the device while breathing into a mouthpiece for 10 minutes. After the test, the dietitian will enter factors related to your body size, sleep patterns, exercise routine and weight goals to determine your target calorie range. Your 30-minute appointment will include a final results analysis. You have the option of adding a nutrition consult to your appointment for an additional fee.

    To Prepare for the Test

    • Do not eat or drink anything for at least four hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Water and ice are OK.
    • Do not exercise for four hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
    • Do not consume caffeine or nutrition supplements for four hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
    • Do not use nicotine for one hour prior to your scheduled appointment.
    • Continue to take any prescribed medications.


    After following your plan for 12 weeks, you may expect a change in your metabolic rate or experience a plateau in weight loss. This is a good time to re-evaluate your caloric needs. Follow-up metabolic testing is offered in an additional 30-minute appointment.

    Metabolic Rate Testing $75
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