Perinatal Palliative Care

Birth is supposed to be an exciting and joyous event. Families expecting a newborn with life-limiting conditions or experiencing an unplanned outcome at birth can count on Woman’s for support.

Perinatal palliative care can begin at the moment of diagnosis and may continue through delivery and beyond. This special care includes symptom relief and pain management for the infant and individual care based on your wishes, spiritual and cultural beliefs.

Palliative care may be the main focus or combined with cure-oriented care.

Palliative Care Team

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists and social workers, alongside nursing staff from our Labor & Delivery Unit, Antepartum Unit and the NICU, work closely to develop and fulfill your care needs. 

Pharmacists, nutritionists, case managers and chaplains are also there to help you through this experience.

Continuous Care

Palliative care can begin the moment you deliver and continue in the location of your choice. If you choose a curative care option, your baby will likely be admitted to the NICU.

If you prefer, palliative care can be administered in your hospital room, allowing you to spend every precious moment with your child. When you go home, care may be provided in the home using hospice services, home health or transferred to an inpatient hospice facility.

If You Need Palliative Care

Your Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician or obstetrician can access the program through Social Services.