Visiting a New Mom

Everyone is always excited to meet the new family member. We encourage visitors, but ask they be thoughtful about the time spent in the hospital with the new family and follow specific visitor guidelines.

Please see our new mom visitation policy.

Labor and Delivery


After the baby is born, both mom and baby will go to Mother/Baby to recover. 

Please see our Mother/Baby visitation policy.

Once mom is home:

  • Before you visit, ask the new parents what they really want. Sometimes they are reluctant to tell loved ones that they need some time alone with the new baby. Ask and see what they say.

  • Offer to visit in a week or so at home.

  • If the new parents want you to be there, keep the visits short so mom and baby don’t get tired.

  • Be mindful of passing the new baby from person to person. Over stimulation and fussiness can result. Also, this can expose the baby to illnesses or other problems.

  • Do not stand in the hallways outside of patients' rooms. We have panoramic family lounges on each floor as well as spacious public waiting areas for you to relax.