Weight Loss Surgery Support

If you have undergone weight loss surgery, joining one of our support groups can have a positive effect on your recovery and weight loss success. Our weight loss surgeons recommend ongoing support to help you achieve the greatest level of success.

Weight Loss Support Group

Meeting other women who are going through the same experience can be tremendously helpful to you and to your long-term weight loss success. Woman’s hosts a monthly support group meeting open to all weight loss surgery patients and patients in the process of planning weight loss surgery.

Each session is led by one of our weight loss professionals and focuses on a specific topic. Participants have the opportunity to talk about the topic. Sharing with others who are going through a similar experience often creates new friendships and special bonds — all in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Participating in a support group can keep you motivated, help you celebrate milestones and provide different perspectives on everyday successes and challenges.

Support Meetings

Our support group meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month from 6:00-7:30 PM in-person at Woman’s conference rooms or via ZOOM virtual meeting. Meetings are free and open to the community’s weight loss surgical patients. Contact us so that we can send you more information! Call 225-215-7982 or email Stephanie.

If you’ve had surgery, are in the pre-operative process or are considering weight loss surgery, you are welcome, regardless of surgical facility, surgeon or surgery type.

Please give us your suggestions for future support group meetings.

Path to Success®

Take the Path to Success

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Get Back on Track with Woman’s Path to Success program for weight loss surgery patients.  This nutrition after weight loss surgery program is now offered for patients 1 year post-op who feel they have not reached their weight loss goals. 

Get Back on Track with Woman’s program for weight loss surgery patients.

Even after weight loss surgery, it can still be challenging to maintain weight loss goals. Woman’s Path to Success® program will help you lose additional weight and maintain your weight loss for life.

Our 8-week Path to Success program includes:*

  • Customizable weekly options to take the guesswork out of meal planning
  • A two-week kit with approved shakes, crisps, bars and supplements 
  • One-on-one nutrition education sessions with a registered dietitian   
  • Weekly weigh-ins and body composition analysis to help you stay accountable   
  • Tips on creating healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modification habits

*This program may be covered by your health insurance (excludes kit and additional products and supplements). Self-pay discount offered for all services if not covered by insurance. 

Helpful Resources

Support also means educating yourself about your condition, your surgery and others who’ve experienced the same challenges as you. These helpful resources are a great start: