Labor Options

While the health of mother and baby is always paramount, Woman’s believes that each woman has the right to play an active role in how she gives birth.


Each baby is brand new, vastly different from any other person who's been or ever will be. Each labor, too, is its own, unique event. Now, more than ever before, mothers can choose how they experience labor. Talk to your physician about your birth preferences.

From a nursing staff that's been well-trained in birthing methods and pain management techniques, to suites that make a laboring woman feel more comfortable, to a broad range of classes and support networks, Woman's is a place where mothers-to-be can confidently explore and plan how they would like to have their children.

Learn about Labor

Learning more about what actually happens during a birth helps mothers decide, for themselves, how they would like to experience the birth of their child. Woman’s labor support classes are recommended for all pregnant patients. Register online now for Preparing for Delivery or Understanding Birth e-Class and Lamaze: A Labor of Love.

Labor Support and Interventions

Talk with your doctor about your labor preferences/birth plan before your due date. Woman’s Labor Preferences Worksheet [pdf] can help you have a plan ready for your delivery. You have options for your labor preferences. We hope our Comfort Menu will help you better understand comfort measures for pain relief.

Hire a Doula

Many women who have their babies at Woman’s choose to hire a doula, to act as a support person while they are in labor and giving birth. (Click to Tweet) A doula is a nonmedical childbirth expert whose job is to offer support, encouragement and information to women who are going through labor. A doula “mothers the mother” and gives her emotional support while she labors.

Whatever dreams a woman has for her labor, it’s critical that she remembers she needs to be flexible. The unexpected could arise and plans might have to change, so that mother and baby are safe and healthy. A change in what a woman had hoped to experience in no way means that she has failed or is inadequate.