Second Trimester

From the first time you put on maternity clothes to your first glimpse of your baby, the second trimester is an exciting time during your pregnancy.

Welcome to your second trimester – weeks 13 to 26 of your pregnancy. For many women, the second trimester is known as the "feel good" trimester. You may regain your energy and your appetite. You may also be starting to show, making the pregnancy seem more real.

Your Baby Right Now

Your baby is changing rapidly now. During the second trimester, his eyebrows and eyelashes grow and hearing begins to function (Click to Tweet). Once his eyes open he will even start to observe the inside of the womb.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Week 14: He is about 4 ½ inches from head to toe.
  • Week 18-22: Your baby is very active now. You may begin to feel movements.
  • Week 20: In the middle of the second trimester, your baby's gender can be determined by an ultrasound.
  • Week 22: He weighs nearly one pound and measures about 10 ½ inches from head to toe.
  • Week 26: He measures about 13 inches from head to toe and weighs about 2 ¼ pounds. He is capable of responding to touch and sound.

In the Know

Being informed eases anxiety. Woman's has everything you need to know, including childbirth and baby care classes to help you prepare, including:

Time to Get Active

Weight gain, increased belly size and relaxed ligaments all contribute to aches and pains during pregnancy. Now is a good time to sign up for Fitness Membership and attend prenatal fitness classes. The benefits include:

  • Better sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased energy
  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Reduced aches and pains


Complete the pre-registration form online once you know you are pregnant. You won't have to think about this again until about 45 days before your due date, when you will come to Woman's Hospital to complete your OB Express registration and sign consent forms.

What you may be wondering:

When should I buy maternity clothes?

Most women will need to buy maternity clothes during the second trimester, when your regular clothes become uncomfortable. Consider only buying a few items at first and then more as your belly continues to grow.

Should I hire a doula?

Whether or not you choose to hire a doula is a personal decision. A doula offers support, encouragement and information during labor and delivery. Many women find it helpful to have a doula, especially if this will be your first delivery.

How can I save money on maternity clothes?

Consider only buying a few items at first and then more as your belly continues to grow. Remember that you will only be wearing certain items for a month or two, so try to borrow from friends whenever possible. Also consider shopping at consignment stores, where you can find nicer items for a fraction of the cost.

Which maternity clothes are must haves?

You will want to buy the same items that you normally wear on a daily basis. For example, you will probably want a good pair of jeans, t-shirts, a pair of dress pants, and a dress. Buy basic items that you can mix and match to maximize your wardrobe.

When and why should I get an ultrasound?

An ultrasound (or sonogram) can be done as needed per your doctor's orders and is generally performed for all pregnant women around 18-20 weeks into her pregnancy. The doctor will confirm the health and growth of your baby and the baby's gender may also be revealed. READ MORE »