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What you can do to prevent cancer.

Many of the women we see are concerned about their risk of breast cancer. Woman’s is here to support you in every way we can. 

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Breast health checkups

Regular breast health checkups help detect breast cancer early. This includes:

Breast self-exams [pdf] which you can do once a month in the privacy of your home.

Women should visit their doctor once a year for a clinical breast exam and to decide how often you need a mammogram based on your personal and family history.


We know it can be tough to put your health ahead of family and other responsibilities. But women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by being proactive, including these tips: (source CDC)

  • Stay active. Aim to get four or more hours of moderate exercise per week.
  • Being overweight or obese after menopause.
  • Get enough sleep. Most women need between seven and nine hours every night.
  • Limit alcohol. Doctors recommend women limit themselves to one alcoholic drink per day.
  • Understand medication risks. In some cases, hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills can raise your risk. Ask your doctor about your medications.
  • Taking hormones. Some forms of hormone replacement therapy (those that include both estrogen and progesterone) taken during menopause can raise risk for breast cancer when taken for more than five years.
  • Reproductive history. Having the first pregnancy after age 30, not breastfeeding, and never having a full-term pregnancy can raise breast cancer risk.
  • Exposure to chemicals. Research suggests that other factors such as smoking, being exposed to chemicals that can cause cancer may increase breast cancer risk.

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Genetic testing

Some women are more at risk for breast cancer than others based on family history and their genes. Woman’s offers genetic counseling and genetic testing for breast cancer to empower you to take an active role in your health and make meaningful changes to reduce your risk.

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