You're a New Mom

An amazing adventure awaits

Congratulations, you’re a new mom! We’re sure you are feeling a ton of emotions right now - joy, nervousness, excitement. That’s all normal. You baby is the center of your world.


We’ve planned to make your hospital stay as special as your baby’s birth. 

New Mom Check list 

  • After Delivery: Your baby is the center of your world, but there are some things you need immediately after delivery such as taking care of yourself and bonding with your newborn.
  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding benefits both mother and child. We provide evidence-based practices to new moms about infant feeding and maternal and infant bonding.
  • Newborn Care: He’s here! With a new baby come a lot of extra things to take into account from newborn care to car seats and screenings. We’ve got it all covered.
  • Postpartum Concerns: Having a baby is a huge life event. Some of your reactions and emotions may surprise you, especially if they seem negative. Hormones and the care a new baby requires can cause mood swings leading to sudden bouts of sadness or crying. Understand what is normal.
  • Urgent Warning Signs: While your new baby needs a lot of attention and care, it’s important to remain aware of your own body and take care of yourself, too. It’s normal to feel tired and have some pain, particularly in the first few weeks after having a baby, but there are some symptoms that could be signs of more serious problems.

Video: Advice After Delivery

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