During Your Hospital Stay

Part of keeping you as comfortable as possible includes a quiet, dimly lit room to help you to rest and recover more quickly. Other aspects include helping to manage your pain effectively, and ensuring you and your family have everything you need.

Comfortable Surroundings

Your room has been furnished with the following items for your comfort:

  • A nurse call light, located at your bedside to call your nurse or nurse aide for help.
  • A TV and telephone. In addition to a range of TV channels, we offer a selection games, movies, email access and videos on health education, relaxation and information about hospital and patient services.
  • A temperature control, so air can be adjusted for your comfort. If a family member will be staying with you, ask them to wear clothing that allows for their comfort when the air is set for your needs.
  • Every room has a comfortable fold-down sofa for overnight guests.

    Even with pain medication, expect to have some pain after surgery. Remember, each person’s response to pain is different. Our goal is help you manage your pain in the best possible way.

    Your nurse will ask you to rate your pain level on a scale of 0 to 10.

    When your pain level is higher than your goal, use your call light to ask your nurse for additional pain medication. You may receive medication in one or more of the following ways:

    Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Pump

    A pump with pain medication is attached to your IV line. A certain amount of medicine is given when you push the button. It is very important your family knows that only you should push the PCA button.

    Intravenous Medication

    A nurse prepares medication in a syringe and gives it through your IV. Not all medication can be given this way.

    Intramuscular Injection

    A nurse prepares the medication in a syringe with a needle and injects it into a muscle (usually in the hip).


    Pills are given by mouth. Your nurse must give you all medications while you are in the hospital. DO NOT take your own “home” medications during your hospital stay.

    Tell your nurse if you experience any side effects from your pain medicine, including nausea or itching.

    In addition to pain medicine, pain may be relieved by changing position, massage, walking, deep breathing, daydreaming about pleasant things and listening to music.

    During recovery, even small tasks can sometimes be difficult. While you are staying at Woman’s, we’ll lend a hand for basic tasks, such as:

    • Turning in bed
    • Walking
    • Sitting in a chair
    • Deep breathing exercises

    Severe pain can keep you from doing these activities, so we encourage you to ask for pain medicine when you need it.

    Hygiene is another important aspect of your recovery. To prevent infection, be sure to:

    • Wash your hands before and after you touch your incision.
    • Clean your genital area after you go to the bathroom by wiping from front to back.
    • Wash your hands after you use the bathroom.
    • Ask all guests in your room to wash their hands upon entering.

    Prevention of DVT/PE in the hospital

    • You may wear elastic stockings or inflatable boots to squeeze the leg muscles.
    • The nursing staff will assist you to walk around soon after your surgery.