Last Minute Instructions

The night before your surgery is a time to take care of last-minute details.

Be sure to double check your doctor’s orders.

Last Minute Tips

  • Take a shower the night before your surgery with Hibiclens (available in Woman’s Serendipity Gift Shop and over-the-counter at most pharmacies) or Dial antibacterial soap.
  • Put on clean, freshly washed clothes after showering.
  • Take another shower the morning of your surgery using the antibacterial wash or soap and put on clean, freshly washed clothes to come to the hospital. If you are unable to take a shower, you still need to wash the surgical area thoroughly.
  • You may brush your teeth, but do not swallow any water.
  • If you have been told to take medications on the day of surgery, take with one ounce (2 tablespoons) of water.
  • Give yourself an enema or laxative if you have been told to do so.
  • Remove ALL body piercings and jewelry.
  • If you are scheduled for reconstructive surgery and have markings from your doctor, use special care not to wash them off.

What NOT To Do Before Your Surgery:

  • Do not apply lotions or powders
  • Do not suck on mints or chew gum
  • Do NOT smoke the morning of your surgery
  • For breast surgery patients, do not apply underarm deodorant
  • Do not shave the incision site, or anywhere on your body, with a razor the day of surgery