Your Recovery From Surgery

Following your surgery, you will spend some time in the recovery room. A nurse will be with you to take your vital signs and give medications to ease your discomfort.

You will then either be discharged to go home if you are having a same day surgery procedure or brought to your own hospital room where a nurse will continue to assist you with keeping your pain level under control, and will help you with:

  • Turning in bed
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Leg exercises
  • Bowel and bladder function

You will also want to review our self-help tips after surgery during your stay.

Your recovery will continue even after you go home. Your nurse will give you detailed instructions to follow. These may include instructions on eating, drinking, physical activity and exercise. If you still have questions about medications or personal care, or need advice to deal with your feelings, don’t hesitate to call your doctor or Woman’s for advice.