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Woman’s comprehensive nutritional support can help you make the right food decisions for your lifestyle.

Our nutrition services vary from inpatient meals and individual counseling sessions to group presentations and nutrition classes.The registered dietitians at Woman’s can help you make the right nutritional choices for you, as well as your family.

Woman’s Nutrition is available in the hospital setting and at the Physician Office Building or at Woman’s Center for Wellness. Diabetes nutrition is available at Woman’s Diabetes Education Services.        

A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who has the educational background and training to help you manage your nutritional health.

Medical nutrition for specific conditions and diseases

Nutrition is a useful and sometimes essential component in the management of patient health. We can help guide your diet as it relates to specific health concerns, such as diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure, pregnancy and metabolic health concerns.

Individualized & lifestyle nutrition choices

Our registered dietitians can address you and your family's individual nutrition goals and special dietary needs.

Inpatient nutrition for your hospital stay

During your hospital stay, we can accommodate all of your special dietary needs.