Research Registry

Woman’s Hospital Research Registry is a platform that connects women in our community to researchers and doctors so we can all work together to improve the health of women and infants.

What is the Registry?

The Registry is a collection of medical information, family history, and other data from women across Louisiana. This information helps researchers and doctors learn more about health outcomes and complications affecting women in our community.

The Registry was developed by Woman’s Hospital with the goal of enrolling participants from all around Louisiana to find answers to some of our state’s biggest health challenges. By signing up, you’ll contribute to this body of knowledge and you’ll be among the first to know about future research studies.

How does the Registry work?

Signing up takes about 10 minutes. You will complete a short form about your health, family, and pregnancy history (if it applies). The information you give is made available to approved Registry collaborators, inside and outside of Woman’s Hospital, to help with ongoing and future research studies.

You can also call 225-231-5275, or email our research coordinator to get started.

Make a difference and change the lives of women for the better!

The Registry is a “living database,” meaning we may ask you additional questions or ask for an update on your health as we explore new ideas. Your input is valuable!

For additional information about participating in research, visit the federal Office for Human Research Protections website.