Research can help you and other women.

Research at Woman’s helps our doctors learn new ways to promote healthy living, improve health during pregnancy, and prevent and treat illnesses.

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Joining a Clinical Study

Advances are possible because people, like you, volunteered to participate in a research study. Are you interested in participating?Learn more about current studies.

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Connecting Researchers

We conduct research studies and molecular biology - genetic research, and collaborate with institutions across the world.

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    Breast Cancer Studies

    We support clinical trial research in coordination with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Also mammograms are studied to help decide the best ways to screen for breast cancer.

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    Gynecologic Cancer Studies

    Woman's actively participates in ongoing clinical cancer research. Clinical trials can be extremely beneficial—no matter what type or stage of cancer you have.

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    Did you have gestational diabetes?

    Our research team is looking for women between 6 and 36 months postpartum from a pregnancy with gestational diabetes who have a BMI at least 25kg/m2 with who have pre-diabetes.