Healthy Aging

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Reset with Our Comprehensive Wellness Program

Are you a relatively healthy, middle-aged woman interested in boosting your physical function and over-all wellness? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, our 8-week comprehensive Healthy Aging program may be great for you.

  • Are you interested in changing your lifestyle to improve your overall health?
  • Do you need help achieving health, happiness and vitality?
  • Are you perimenopausal or postmenopausal?
  • Would you like to sharpen your thinking, boost energy and prevent age-related diseases?

What to expect

  • Create a customized plan based on your needs.
  • Learn sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Increase muscular strength, endurance and balance.
What’s Included 8-Week Individual
Physical Function
Certified functional aging specialist
30-minute sessions (twice weekly)
Coaching Wellness
Certified health coach
specialized in older adults
60-minute session (week 1)
30-minute sessions (weeks 3-8)
Body Composition Analysis
Nutrition Education
Registered dietitian
60-minute consult (week 2)
Wellness Workbook with personalized meal plan and food log
Fitness Membership For the duration in the program
Fitness assessment to
determine eligibility
Anytime! Individual appointments
are based on provider availability


How to Start

Contact us to set up a free information session. Interested participants must complete a $50 fitness assessment to determine program eligibility.

Did you know?

Physical abilities decline with age. In healthy mid-life adults, it starts to decline around 50-60 years in women. (Frangos, Graf & Samaras, 2023)