Areola Tattoo

What You Should Know About Nipple Tattooing

Areola tattooing can help patients through their last part of recovery feel “whole” and “normal” again. Instead of using tissue to rebuild a nipple, some women choose to have a nipple tattooed on the reconstructed breast. The most realistic way to achieve this is through 3D nipple tattooing.

If reconstruction was just on one breast, our tattoo artist will match the color and shape to your existing areola. If you had bi-lateral surgery, we can use your pre-operative photos to match your original areolas or you can choose a new color and shape. We utilize the Pink Ribbon series set to achieve the most realistic color blend. Areola tattooing is a three-step process: initial consult and pigment test, tattooing session and follow up/touch up session.

Because the reconstructed breast doesn’t have the same sensation as before surgery, tattooing the area usually isn’t painful. Areola tattooing can be performed once approved by your physician, usually six months after surgery.

  • Consult- $50
  • Unilateral Areola Tattoo- $400
  • Bilateral Areola Tattoos- $500