Cancer Rehabilitation Therapy

What to Expect

A Team Approach to Improving Your Quality of Life

Woman’s Cancer Rehabilitation is designed to help cancer survivors regain strength and quality of life at any stage. Our program is led by expertly trained professionals who can guide you through physical and/or occupational therapy at a pace that works for you. We also offer nutrition advice and much more to get you feeling as good as possible.

Our rehabilitation care is offered to patients by a knowledgeable and sensitive medical staff, specially trained to treat survivors of all forms of cancer. Our team members are at the top of their fields and comprise a variety of disciplines:

  • Physicians
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and swallowing therapists
  • Registered dietitians and nutritionists
  • Mental health professionals

When evaluating your needs, we look at the “big picture.”

Rather than using a “problem-oriented” approach and tackle each health issue as it arises, we address the full spectrum of post-cancer care. When evaluating a patient, in addition to focusing on his or her health conditions and symptoms, we take into consideration:

  • Diet
  • Sleep issue
  • Existing pain
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Exercise habits
  • Emotional outlook

All of these factors have an important effect on physical healing.

We offer a personalized rehab plan with an interdisciplinary approach.

After undergoing a thorough evaluation by a physician, a team of medical specialists is assigned to each patient according to his or her individual needs. The healthcare team creates a personalized rehabilitation plan with the goals of increasing strength and energy, alleviating pain, improving physical functioning, achieving emotional balance and boosting the immune system. Each team member provides his or her expert medical guidance, training, encouragement and support, for the duration of the program.

On Your First Day in Cancer Rehabilitation

This may be your first time coming to physical or occupational therapy and not know what to expect. Woman’s is here to make sure you’re comfortable. During your first appointment, we will gather information about your health history, cancer treatment and assess your strength, endurance and ability to complete your daily activities so that we can determine the best course of treatment for you. Wear workout clothes you feel comfortable in and can move around freely.

During Following Appointments

Your treatment plan may include time in the gym, the warm water pool or a combination. You’ll be assisted by different therapists and rehabilitation staff members during your time here. 


Your workout will be designed based on your individual needs, abilities and goals. Workouts can include use of a treadmill, pulleys, mat exercises as well as normal activities you need to be able to do daily (i.e. sit to stand, step ups). 

Aquatic Therapy

 Water therapy may be a good option for you if you have difficulty with balance, poor endurance, shortness of breath or pain. We have the area's only warm water pool. The water allows you to move and exercise without the fear of falling, in an environment that takes weight off your joints. 

  • Aquatic therapist with patient and pool noodle.

    A Gentle Setting

    Our warm water pool helps alleviate pain and increase movement to treat a variety of diagnoses. Receive constant attendance with exercises performed for therapeutic benefit.

How Physical Therapy Helps

Beneficial to reduce cancer-related fatigue, numbness and tingling, increase strength, balance and range of motion, cope with swelling, and other oncology side effects.

Is Cancer Rehab Right for You?

Contact us for more information or to discuss physician and insurance approval.

Woman’s Wellness Approach

Appointments are held at Woman’s Center for Wellness, Bluebonnet at Jefferson. We also have nutritionists, hearing specialists and speech therapists to assist with other cancer related symptoms.