Speak Up About Your Health

Woman’s supports The Joint Commission’s Speak Up™ program.

Speak Up™ urges patients to take an active role in preventing health care errors by becoming involved and informed participants on their health care team. 


About Your Care: Help Prevent Errors in Your Care) [PDF]

Speak Up For New Parents

Having a baby is a life-changing experience for new parents. It is important to be alert to the signs and symptoms that you may need to seek medical help. Remember: If you or your advocate think something is wrong, speak up!

Speak Up: For New Parents [PDF] »

Speak Up for New Parents from The Joint Commission

Speak Up for Safe Surgery

As a patient, you can help ensure that your surgery is safe and successful by being an informed and involved member of the care team. In Speak Up™ For Safe Surgery, learn about the different ways to plan for your surgery, what to do before and after your procedure, and what to expect regarding special COVID-19 pandemic safety procedures at your health care organization.

Speak Up For Safe Surgery [PDF] »


Speak Up for Safe Surgery from The Joint Commission

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