Speak Up About Your Health

Woman's supports The Joint Commission’s Speak Up™ program.

Speak Up™ urges patients to take an active role in preventing health care errors by becoming involved and informed participants on their health care team. 

General Health Care

Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Infection
Help Avoid Mistakes in Your Surgery
Help Avoid Mistakes With Your Medicines
Help Prevent Errors in Your Care
Help Prevent Medical Test Mistakes
Know Your Rights
Planning Your Follow-up Care
Reduce Your Risk of Falling
Tips for Your Doctor’s Visit
Understanding Your Doctors and Other Caregivers
What You Should Know About Research Studies
What You Need to Know About Your Serious Illness and Palliative Care
X-rays, MRIs and other medical imaging tests

Infant and Children's Health Care

Prevent Errors in Your Child’s Care
Stay Well and Keep Others Well (a coloring book for children)
What You Need to Know About Breastfeeding