Newborn Health Coverage

In order to have coverage for the care of your newborn, you must add your baby to your health plan.

Having a healthy baby is what new parents want most. So, it is very important to contact the employer of the insured parent to complete the appropriate enrollment forms immediately after birth.

Most health plans allow you a limited time to add a newborn. Until your baby is added, your claim for hospital services cannot be processed for payment. Once the child has been added, please notify Woman's that a claim can be filed.

Routine Circumcision Coverage

Hospital Notice of Medicaid Non-Coverage for Routine Circumcision

In April 2005, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Medicaid program stopped paying for circumcisions in the hospital unless required for a medical condition. Please talk to your physician for advice about circumcisions. Some physicians do this procedure in their office.

If you have a boy and plan to have your baby circumcised at Woman's, you must pay for the procedure. If you pay upon admission (inpatient) or registration (outpatient) you will receive a 20 percent discount off the charge for the circumcision procedure.

Please be aware that the charge to have the procedure performed as an inpatient is significantly less than having it done as an outpatient in our clinic. These fees are for hospital services only, which include the hospital's staff time, equipment and supplies. Your doctor will also charge a fee for doing the procedure.

Please be prepared to pay when you register. Woman's accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.

If you have questions about Medicaid coverage, please call the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals at 225-922-1542 or 1-800-359-2122.