Natural Labor

Deciding to have a natural birth is a personal choice. Woman's is here to support you every step of the way.

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When you plan a natural labor at Woman's, with your physician's approval, you can expect:

  • To move about and walk during labor
  • Your choice to use a certified doula
  • Access to a laboring tub
  • Light diet during labor
  • Intermittent electronic fetal monitoring during labor

Woman’s Birth Liaison

Learning more about what actually happens during birth will help you decide how you would like to experience the birth of your child. Our certified childbirth educator will meet with you before the big day to review your birth plan and answer any questions you may have about labor and delivery. We also offer a variety of classes to help you prepare.

You can also schedule an appointment with our Birth Liaison, please email us.

Labor Support and Interventions

Talk with your doctor about your labor preferences/birth plan before your due date. Woman’s Labor Preferences Worksheet [pdf] can help you have a plan ready for your delivery. You have options for your labor preferences. We hope our Comfort Menu will help you better understand comfort measures for pain relief.

A comfortable, individual experience

Achieving your goal of a natural birth is easier when you feel at home in your surroundings. Woman's offers you a variety of amenities for a comfortable birth experience.

  • Each birthing suite is exactly the same size, has a view of nature and independent temperature and lighting controls.
  • Woman’s laboring tubs help relax both muscles and minds during the stages of labor.
  • Birthing balls and a birthing bar are available upon request.

We believe the emphasis during labor should be entirely on the mother. That means you get to decide who is in the room and what the room feels and looks like. It's a good idea to inform family and friends whether or not they’re invited to the labor before labor actually begins.