Comfort Measures

The happiest possible birthday!

FEATURE_callouts_275x206preg2When you choose to give birth at Woman's, you have access to a variety of amenities.

  • The nursing staff is trained to respond to the special needs of women who have chosen to have non-medicated births.
  • Each birthing suite has independent temperature and lighting controls.
  • With physician approval, Woman's laboring tubs can be used in the later stages of labor to help relax muscles and minds.
  • A birthing ball and a birthing bar are available upon request.
  • Women are encouraged to bring pictures, a CD player with music or aromatherapy products that can calm them and help them focus.

The emphasis during labor ought to be entirely on the mother. (Click to Tweet) That means she gets to decide who is in the room and what the room feels and looks like. It's a good idea to inform family and friends whether or not they're invited to the labor before labor actually starts.

Despite the advice and anecdotes that are frequently showered upon mothers-to-be, there is no such thing as the one single right way to have a baby. 

At Woman's, a laboring woman can count on plenty of support and resources to guide her through this life-changing event, however it unfolds.