Schedule Time to Relax

Woman's Center for Wellness offers a variety of massages for your individual needs.

A massage offers the following benefits to your body:

  • Increased circulation, flexibility, energy and productivity
  • Decreased mental and physical stress, pain and blood pressure
  • Elimination of toxins

Types of Massage at Woman's Spa

    Relief is at our fingertips! Massage offers benefits to your body. Physician referral of an arthritis diagnosis is required for medical clearance.

    A relaxing massage using oils or lotions that enable the hands to glide over the superficial layers of muscles. Relieves muscle tension while improving circulation and range of motion.

    • 30 minutes: $55
    • 50 minutes: $85
    • 90 minutes: $120
    • Add on Cupping: $30

    A Swedish massage for pregnant women past the first trimester. We ensure our moms-to-be are the most comfortable during their massage, including the options of a pregnancy massage table to allow clients to lie face down and bolsters that support side lying.  (50 minutes: $95)

    Releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through deep finger pressure on key contact areas. Available for specific area or full body massages.

    • 30 minutes: $65
    • 50 minutes: $95
    • 90 minutes: $130 

    Reflexology uses pressure to activate points and organs throughout the body to relieve pain, stimulate circulation and balance the bodily systems. The addition of heat allows feet to further relax. (30 minutes: $55)