Volunteers at Woman's enhance the work of trained personnel so that the employees may have more time for the technical jobs for which they are trained, thus increasing the efficiency of the hospital and broadening the services offered to the patient. No other department in the hospital provides similar services. Volunteers at every level provide uncompensated service throughout the hospital. The volunteer does not replace any paid employee. 

For more information on volunteering, email us.

Volunteer News

Volunteer Teams

  • Core Group: Minimum commitment of 100 hours per year. Volunteers may work in any of the hospital areas listed above. Application and interview followed by a Human Resources review. Specific volunteer benefits are extended to this group.

  • Cuddlers: Please note, our cuddler program is fully staffed at this time. Studies show that tactile stimulation such as massage, human touch, and cuddling can help improve weight gain in newborns, especially premature babies. The calming effects allow the baby to relax and focus its energy on growing and hopefully go home sooner. Babies in our NICU enjoy the warmth, tenderness and TLC of our volunteer "cuddlers." After passing a detailed screening process and undergoing special training, cuddlers calm and interact with premature babies, support families who can't be at the hospital, and assist the nursing staff in providing additional human touch. Cuddlers don't give medications, feed babies or walk around with them. They just hold them, rock them, read or sing songs to them, providing whatever stimulation the baby responds to best. When all the babies sleeping, the cuddlers sort and fold blankets, clothing and other laundered items used in the NICU.

  • College Students: Requires minimum commitment of 50 hours, two letters of recommendation from faculty/advisers, and an interview.

  • High School Volunteers: Woman’s has partnered with the Central Louisiana Health Education Center  (CLAHEC) for its A-HEC of a Summer Health Careers Volunteer Program.
    The A-HEC of a Summer program is an exciting opportunity for ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students with at least a 2.0 GPA who are interested in pursuing a healthcare career. These students are given a chance to explore different career opportunities in medicine by volunteering at local hospitals. During the fifteen-day period in June, students will rotate through various Woman’s Hospital departments and work with healthcare professionals. Participants will learn about a variety of healthcare fields, gain CPR certification, attend interactive workshops, and participate in field trips. The program is a state accredited elective course, and students earn ½ unit of high school elective credit upon successful completion of the program.

  • Geaux Strong Volunteers: Woman’s Hospital Therapy Department has a seasonal volunteer opportunity for any student (16+) who is a strong swimmer and likes to work with children.  Our Geaux Strong swim program volunteers “shadow” children ages 2-18 who have decreased strength, endurance and motor skills.  Our goal is to improve each participants ability to move or swim safely in a pool. Geaux Strong classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June and July. A training session is required in May. For more information, download this recruitment flyer [pdf], complete the volunteer application [pdf], or email Sheree McAllister, PTA. Service hour certificates are provided.

Volunteer Areas

  • Welcome Center: Volunteers greet patients and visitors, transport patients to Labor and Delivery, escort surgery patients to their rooms, assist patients with admitting and give room locations and directions.
  • Surgery Patient Information/Family Desk: Volunteers answer phones, provide information and directions, transfer calls and act as the liaison between patients in surgery and their families in the surgery waiting room. They also distribute patient mail; prepare mailings; collate information and distribute patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Labor and Delivery: Volunteers answer phones, provide information and directions, and act as the liaison between patients in the Labor and Delivery unit and their families in the waiting room.
  • Gift Shops: Volunteers assist with ordering, selling, displaying and wrapping gift items, children’s clothing, snacks, hosiery, books, magazines, candy and plants.
  • NICU: "Cuddlers" provide comfort in the absence of parental interaction.
  • Oncology Support: Cancer survivors visit and provide support to cancer patients at the request of Social Services, the patient’s oncologist or the oncology staff.
  • PRN: Volunteers are called in on an as-needed basis for such functions as special projects or substitute status.
  • Pediatric Aquatic Therapy: Geaux Strong is a seasonal program for children ages 2-18 with decreased strength, endurance and motor skills. Volunteers must be age 16+, strong swimmers and “shadow” children in the pool 3-6 feet deep.

    Volunteer Benefits

    Certain benefits are extended to Woman's volunteers who actively volunteer a minimum of 100 hours per year, including:

    • Discount in the cafeteria, excluding the salad bar, frozen yogurt, cookies, muffin and fruit bars.
    • Discount in the gift shop, excluding candy/food, plants, magazines, books and sundry items.
    • Discount on mammograms.
    • Discount on monthly membership dues at the Fitness Club, excluding assessment fee.
    • Discount/free admission to classes and programs presented by Woman's.
    • Mandatory flu vaccination at no charge.
    • Mandatory two-step TB skin test at no charge.