Discover Your Healthiest Self

UNprivate Parts

You're not alone. We get it.

Let’s face it, women love to talk, but some subjects are just plain hard to share - even with your closest friends. So we’re pulling back the proverbial curtain on your most private concerns. Listen to our honest discussions on topics like sadness after having a baby, painful sex, peeing when you sneeze, infertility, how life changes after cancer, difficulty losing weight and more. Here’s a little secret, we all want these answers! So let’s address the topics that make us squirm, wince and blush as we discover our healthiest self.



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Episode 12: Celebrating Safely with Newborns

Episode 11: Diabetes in Depth: Understanding and Managing the Many Types

Episode 10: Life in the NICU (and after…)

Episode 9: Fertility (Questions and) Answers

Episode 8: Lump to Bump: Megan’s Story

Episode 7: Day 18 - When a Cancer Diagnosis Becomes a Calling

Episode 6: Pregnant in a Pandemic

Episode 5: The Truth About GYN Health

Episode 4: Pregnancy Loss and Life After

Bonus Episode: COVID-19 Vaccine & Women’s Health

Episode 3: Body After Baby

Episode 2: Breastfeeding: Behind the Scenes

Episode 1: Baby Blues or More?