Survivorship & Support

Newly Diagnosed or Beaten Cancer - You're a Survivor

reYOUgraphicReYou, Woman’s Cancer Survivorship program, will help you maintain your quality of life as you transition from diagnosis to wellness. 


Fighting cancer is more than just surviving.
It’s about living well through surgery, treatment and afterwards.
It’s about giving you a good quality of life before, during and after cancer.
It’s about providing you with the physical and emotional support to face each day with a step forward.
It’s about becoming a survivor.

The Premier Cancer Treatment Destination for Women

The Breast and GYN Pavilion unites Woman's experts in women’s health with cancer specialists from Mary Bird Perkins Lady of the Lake Cancer Center in one location, designed with women in mind. Take the virtual tour now.

Cancer Rehabilitation Therapy

Our team of doctors, therapists, and other specialists understands how cancer treatment can affect your physical and emotional well-being. We work together to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan that supports your recovery. Start your rehabilitation journey today.

Education & Support

Woman’s care doesn’t end with treatment. We believe you should have the support and guidance through every phase of survivorship. This includes care coordination, emotional support, and a compassionate environment to share your story with other women who have survived cancer. Join us for cancer care and survivorship classes and events.

Feeling Good Resources

Feeling good about yourself and your life is important to cancer care. Support your recovery with additional resources, including:

  • Exercise: Our exercise classes are designed to help women who have survived cancer improve their fitness and physical ability.
  • Massage: Massage therapy can help you relax and can lessen the side effects cancer treatment, such as pain and fatigue.
  • Nutrition: Give your body the nutrition it needs to heal. We offer special nutrition classes for women who are going through or finished cancer treatment.
  • Skin Care & MakeupDuring cancer treatment and even afterwards, the change in appearance can result in physical and emotional challenges. Let us help you feel comfortable.
  • Online resources: Woman’s cancer specialists recommend these online cancer resources to women and families that want to learn more about cancer and survivorship.