Waiting Areas

There are several waiting areas throughout Woman's for your convenience. 

We've created large waiting areas for family gatherings, and smaller spaces for privacy. Please use these waiting areas when a loved one needs her rest. To ensure our patients' privacy, please do not gather in hallways or at the nurses stations.

Large Spaces

Large spaces to welcome family and friends.woho120721-0150

  • Main Lobby: Located on the 1st floor.
  • Labor and Delivery Waiting: Located on the 2nd floor, 225-215-7200.
  • Surgery Waiting: Located on the 2nd floor, 225-924-8157.
  • NICU Waiting: Located on the 3rd floor, 225-231-5284.

Volunteers work both the Surgery waiting area and Labor and Delivery waiting area at specific times. Please give them your patient's name so they may deliver any messages from the doctor. If you leave the waiting area, please let the volunteer know.

Small Spaces

HKS Photos_068Small waiting areas designed for privacy.

  • Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU) Waiting: Located on the 2nd floor.
  • Family Lounges: Located at the "point" at the end of each pod.

Outdoor Spaces

DSC00700Sometimes nature is the best waiting room.

  • Woman's Way Café Plaza: Located outside the cafeteria.
  • The Harris Walking Trail: A one-mile path around Woman's lake.