Wellness Minute

Your Digital Coach to a Healthier You

The Wellness Minutes from Woman’s Center for Wellness are short videos to help you reach your health goals.

Woman’s experts present the importance of fitness, nutrition, therapy and yes, even relaxation.

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Making Your Own Baby Food

Making Your Own Baby Food Class >>


Keep Moving

Medical Exercise Program

Easy At-Home Workout

Download the complete At-Home Workout >>

Lower Body Exercises

Upper Arm Exercises

Exercise Attitude Adjustment

High Intensity Interval Training

Happy New Year


Selecting a Healthier Bread

List of Recommended Breads [pdf] >>

Upcoming Nutrition Classes >>

Easy, Healthy Smoothie

Download the recipe »

Healthy Valentine's Day King Cake

Download the recipe »

For more of Holly's recipes, visit www.HollyClegg.com

Spring Cleaning Your Diet

Does your home dining menu need a makeover? Or take a tour of your local supermarket with one of our registered dietitians to learn how to shop healthier and make smarter choices. Contact our Nutrition Services >>

Healthy Snack Ideas

Contact our Nutrition Services for your personal nutrition consulting and advice.

Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy Breakfast Choices

Contact our Nutrition Services for your personal nutrition consulting and advice.



Strengthening Your Core

Kegels & Urinary Incontinence


Injury Prevention Screening

Obesity and Mobility

Learn more about Aquatic Therapy or Weight Loss options »

Benefits of Aquatic Exercises