Medical Weight Loss

Sometimes your body needs help.

Medication to treat weight loss is an option for individuals who have shown resistance to weight loss through diet and exercise alone. For those people, medications are the support they need for improved health, better quality of life and reduced body weight. 

It’s important to remember that medications are only one component of a comprehensive treatment plan, diet and exercise remains essential to a healthy body. Before taking any prescription, a complete medical history is necessary.

considerMedicationWoman’s Can Help.

Woman's Metabolic Weight Loss Clinic includes a team of highly skilled specialists experienced at diagnosing and treating weight management challenges in women and men. We will work together to develop a treatment and accountability plan you can have confidence in and experience the best results.

Patients will visit the clinic monthly for:

  • Blood pressure, weight, waist circumference measurements and other vitals.
  • Education on nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress and other important factors that impact weight management and a healthy lifestyle is provided by our team of registered dietitians and certified health coaches.

We use Metagenic® nutrition therapy with supplementation. Metagenics FirstLine Therapy is a personalized lifestyle medicine that meets you at the intersection of diet, exercise and lifestyle to determine the best course of action for managing and promoting the health of each individual patient. FirstLine Therapy looks at blood sugar balance, cardiovascular health, body composition, autoimmune system function, gastrointestinal health and hormone balance.  The program offers medical foods and pharmaceutical grade supplements.

We also offer programs that include health and wellness coaching, nutrition education for both ketogenic and Mediterranean lifestyles, and exercise options for those who are ready.

Contact Woman’s Metabolic Weight Loss Clinic: 225-924-8313

Dr. Drake Bellanger
Woman’s Center for Wellness
9637 Jefferson Hwy.
Baton Rouge, LA  70809

Dr. Bellanger is one of the few physicians Board Certified in obesity medicine in the Baton Rouge region. His certification by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) signifies a specialized knowledge in the practice of obesity medicine and care. He is also board certified in general surgery.