Exercise is Medicine Programs

When Exercise is Not One Size Fits All

Make movement your medicine. Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) program, an evidence-based approach to fitness that enables participants to manage symptoms of chronic illness or disease as well as improve overall personal health. The program, located at Woman’s Center for Wellness on Jefferson Highway, created by the American College of Sports Medicine, EIM is a global initiative to promote exercise as a standard in clinical care.

Woman’s EIM program provides a bite-sized, accessible approach to exercise with three levels to fit every person’s health needs. Individuals can sign up for the program on their own or through doctor referral. 

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Exercise Attitude Adjustment

Ideal for the following

  • Post physical therapy
  • Injury recovery
  • Change in medical history
  • Clients who need supervised exercise by a medically trained specialist
  • One-on-one training and small group training
  • All ages and fitness levels


  • There is a $50 screening fee for new clients.
  • A doctor’s medical clearance may be required for participation

Exercise is Medicine® at Woman’s Rates and Fees Card [pdf] »

Individualized Care

  • All participants are guided through individualized exercise programs that meet a range of health goals, including flexibility, strength, endurance, body composition and cardiovascular.
  • Programs are coordinated by an ACSM-certified clinical exercise physiologist or/and a physical therapy assistant.
  • The staff-to-client ratio is limited to provide individualized instruction and to ensure the quality of client care. The maximum staff-to-client ratio is limited to 1:4 for the pool, 1:2 for the gym, and 1:3 for fitness club sessions.
  • Exercise sessions are 45 minutes, two to three times a week

Exercise Options

One-on-one and small group training 

Pool Maintenance: Supervised exercise in a warm water pool; ideal for those who find land-based exercise difficult.

OB Aquatic: For the mother-to-be who has additional physical limitations.

Gym Maintenance: For clients who want to exercise on land, but are not well suited for a general fitness environment.

Medical Exercise Class: For those who need to work with medically trained specialists to provide supervised exercise and training. The class is offered in a small group setting on our fitness club floor.

Medical Personal Training: Ideal for patients with multiple medical needs; clients work one-on-one with a qualified instructor trained to design a safe exercise program specific to their health needs.

Fees and Form

Most insurance plans do not cover the fees. All program fees are the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Medical Exercise Physician’s Clearance [pdf]

Arthritis Walk with Ease

Arthritis Walk with Ease Program

No matter if you need relief from arthritis pain or just want to be active, this six-week program can teach you how to safely make physical activity part of your everyday life.

These FREE Classes are taught by an Arthritis Foundation certified leader.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:00-11:00 AM

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