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Small group training provides individualized attention and are led by our certified trainers.

Mix up your workouts with a variety of classes including:


Pilates Reformer

290x210_pilatesThe reformer is a special apparatus that allows movement through a full range of motion, simultaneously increasing flexibility while building strength. Our instructors provide guidance on the reformer carriage – on which you may sit, kneel, or lie – to ensure that each workout session fits your individual needs and goals. Switch up your routine to attain a higher level of balance in your exercise program as you develop greater coordination, flexibility and strength.

TRX® Suspension

WCW_TRXCreated by the Navy Seals, suspension training bodyweight exercises simultaneously develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.TRX training leverages gravity and your body weight to complete hundreds of functional exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise simply by adjusting your body position. We provide detailed instruction to provide a fun and challenging class, no matter your fitness level.

Cardio Jump Board

Cardio Jump BoardGet ready to sweat in this challenging class combining jumping intervals and Pilates strength work all on the reformer! It's a fun workout designed for anyone wanting a new twist on elevating the heart rate.

Flow Motion

FlowMotionThis class will challenge your fitness level like never before! Work out on the water using the Flow Motion Fitness Mat. Maximize your core strength, balance and flexibility all while having a blast. Choose from Flow Motion Boot Camp or Flow Motion Beginner class.

CAUTION: this class may cause motion sickness. You must have enough upper body strength to get yourself on the mat. We recommended taking the beginner class first, unless you have a high level of fitness.

Fees, Schedule and Registration

Flow Motion and TRX classes are FREE to Fitness members, but still require sign up through MINDBODY* 

12-classes pass : $300
Pilates Reformer and Cardio Jump Board Fitness Member Fee: $216*

Drop-in class: $30
Pilates Reformer and Cardio Jump Board Fitness Member Fee : $25*

Unlimited Month: $185
Pilates Reformer and Cardio Jump Board Fitness Member Fee: $135*

Class schedule and sign up via MINDBODY » or at the Woman’s Center for Wellness fitness service desk. For convenience, download MindBody App for your mobile device.

* See the front desk or call 225-924-8300 for the member rate code. 


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