Fitness Amenities

Woman’s Center for Wellness offers many fitness options to help you care for yourself under one roof. You will find exercise studios, a swimming pool, a walking track, therapy gyms, a warm therapy pool, diagnostic equipment, private treatment rooms and educational sessions.


Cardio Theater


Find a great view out the windows on the Fitness Club's second floor or some TV time while walking, running, climbing or cycling.

Children’s Playroom

Woman’s Center for Wellness provides a convenient onsite children’s playroom with babysitters who will keep the little ones content and safe while you pursue your health and fitness goals. The playroom is open Monday through Saturday.  Woman's Fitness Playroom policies, procedures and forms [pdf] »

Group Exercise Room

Functional training, cardio-based and group strength training are but a few of the latest trends in classes available with your membership.

Indoor Pool

Whether you’re interested in attending a class or swimming laps on your own, the indoor pool at Woman’s Fitness Club is a membership plus.


Indoor Track

No matter the weather, the track around Woman’s Fitness Club within Woman's Center for Wellness is a membership plus!


Physical Therapy Gym

Our gym is well-equipped for therapists to treat patients with orthopedic and women's health issues.

Pilates Reformer

Our trainers provide the guidance needed to ensure your Pilates Allegro Reformer workouts fit your individual needs and fitness goals. Come in to see our beautiful Pilates room.


Warm Water Pool

Take advantage of our warm water therapy pool to treat a variety of diagnosis. Medical Exercise is a group program ideal for those who have trouble tolerating land-based exercise.

Benefits of Aquatic Exercises

Weight Machines

Want to boost your metabolism? Lift weights! Regular weight lifting will increase your metabolism even while you are sleeping.