Miracle Multiples

Join Aly, Laura and Jayna as they experience pregnancy and childbirth with triplets.

Who are the Miracle Multiples?

In 2010, Woman’s began following three south Louisiana women – Aly, Laura and Jayna – all pregnant with triplets and due within weeks of one another. These wonderful women quickly became friends and an extended support base, sharing their triplet pregnancy experiences.

Woman’s was privileged to follow the moms and their families for ten weeks, filming their challenges, life-changing moments and each amazing delivery. Their families graciously allowed us access to showcase the uniqueness of every birth and the expertise required for a “multiple” delivery.

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Video: Multiple Miracles Trailer

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Segment 1: We're Having Triplets!

Segment 2: Multiple Care

Segment 3: Tests & Preps

Segment 4: Gearing Up

Segment 5: The Home Stretch

Segment 6: Birth Day

Segment 7: NICU Newborns

Segment 8: One Year Later

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Kliebert Babies


Laura and Triplets


Ragan Babies


Aly and Triplets


Babin Babies


Jayna and Triplets


Laura's three in 2012


Aly's three in 2012


Jayna's three in 2012