NICU Wall of Hope

For Joseph’s mother, Lynette, having a child in the NICU was not a new experience. Her first son, Reed, spent 35 days in the NICU before he passed away. When Joseph was born, he spent a week in Woman’s NICU. 

“I knew from the first experience that it would be an emotional roller coaster,” Lynette said. “It wasn’t day-by-day, it was minute-by-minute.” 

Lynette found support through the nurses and doctors in Woman’s NICU. “They are your biggest supporters,” she said. “They laugh with you. They cry with you. They become part of your family.” 

Lynette encourages parents to ask questions and get involved. “Don’t be afraid to ask if you can touch your child. Even when your child is so fragile, there are things you can do. Just ask your nurse, and she will tell you exactly how you can comfort your child.” 

Joseph, 2, is now a great big brother to his little sister, Katherine.