Metabolic Obesity Syndrome

The Silent Epidemic

Metabolic Obesity Syndrome is when obesity and lack of exercise puts a person at risk of developing serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

  • Metabolic syndrome is growing, especially among adults in their mid-30s.
  • Nearly 24% of young adults over 20 years old have metabolic syndrome. Nearly 44% by age 50.

Your Team

  • Karen Elkind-Hirsch, MSc, PhD, HCLD, Research Director

Symptoms and Treatment

If you have at least three of the following characteristics, you are classified as having metabolic obesity syndrome:

  1. Abdominal obesity (a waist size greater than 40 inches for men, and 35 inches for women)
  2. Triglyceride levels of 150 or higher
  3. HDL (good cholesterol) of less than 40 in men and 50 in women
  4. Blood pressure of 130/85 or higher
  5. Fasting blood sugar of 110 or more

If aggressive lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise aren't enough, your doctor might suggest medications to help control your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels or weight loss surgery.