What to Expect

The symptoms of cancer treatment can be overwhelming. At Woman’s therapy, we strive to provide a comfortable environment that provides you with the guidance and care you need to improve your daily quality of life. This includes physical and/or occupational therapy at a pace that works for you, nutrition advice and much more to get you feeling as good as possible.

Call us at 225-924-8311. Following physician and insurance approval, we will ask you fill out forms and schedule your first visit.

Therapy is located on the 2nd floor of Woman’s Center for Wellness.


On your first day in therapy

Wear workout clothes so that we can complete an evaluation. This will include gathering information about your health history, cancer treatment and assessing your strength, endurance and ability to complete your daily activities so that we can determine the best course of treatment for you.



During following appointments

Your therapy course may include treatment in the gym, the warm water pool or a combination. You’ll see many people in therapy for various reasons.


Your workout will be designed based on your individual needs, abilities and goals. Workouts can include use of a treadmill, pulleys, mat exercises as well as normal activities you need to be able to do daily (i.e. sit to stand, step ups).

pool-plain Aquatic Therapy

For some women, water therapy may be a good option for those that have difficulty with balance, poor endurance, shortness of breath or pain. We have the area's only warm water pool. The water allows you to move and exercise without the fear of falling, in an environment that takes weight off your joints. 

Support Services

We also have nutritionists, hearing specialists and speech therapists to assist with other cancer related symptoms.