Abnormal mammogram scans can lead to different types of testing depending on your physician's recommendation. In most cases, a sample of the breast must be removed and tested to determine if a woman has breast cancer. The method for removal of this tissue, called a biopsy, depends on where the tumor is and what type of cancer is suspected.

Types of breast biopsies

Each type of biopsy has its pros and cons, and the choice of which type to use depends on your situation. Some of the things your doctor will consider include how suspicious the tumor looks, how big it is, where it is in the breast, how many tumors there are, other medical problems you might have and your personal preferences. 

Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of each biopsy type.

How long do biopsy results take?

The uncertainty you feel waiting for biopsy test results can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Not knowing when the results will be ready and not understanding why testing sometimes takes longer than expected can cause extra concern.

Routine biopsy results may be ready as soon as one or two days after the sample is received in the laboratory, but there are many reasons why some cases take longer to complete. 

Stay connected with your doctor to know when the biopsy will be completed and your diagnosis will be established.