Courtney Loup Edwards


Courtney Loup Edwards, 31. LSU employee, Business Owner. Married, 2 children.

How did you find out you had breast cancer?

In November of 2009, I was having some pain, so I went to the doctor. She thought it was some normal hormonal issues, but still sent me in for a mammogram … Turns out, the pain wasn’t anything, but they found a spot on the completely different side that, after an ultrasound and biopsy, was determined to be cancer. Suddenly, I was facing breast cancer at 28 years old.

What was your reaction?

I broke down. The only thing I could think about was my husband and my 1-year-old daughter, how they NEEDED me, and there was no way I could die now. It’s hard not to “go there” when you automatically think cancer is a death sentence. I had to put my faith in God and know that there was some reason I was being chosen for this, and that I was going to get through it some way. I had the support of family, friends, church and work to get through each day.

What treatment methods did you undergo?

Because my cancer was caught so early, I didn’t even have a lump yet, and it was contained in the duct. I was able to do a double mastectomy with no radiation or chemotherapy. I still go in every three months for blood work and have yearly ultrasounds.

How has your illness affected your perspective on life?

I definitely don’t get caught up in the little problems as much as I did … I cherish the time with my children, husband and family, and am grateful for every moment I have with them. Life is so short!

Do you have any advice for others with breast cancer?

The best advice I can give is to take charge and win the mental battle first. The right state of mind is critical to getting well. You have to be determined to win and not let cancer get you down … Take your health in your own hands. Push for more tests, aggressive treatment and, most of all, make sure you are comfortable with your doctors and the treatment plan you decide on.